IMDR Alumni Meet 2014 is scheduled  29th November 2014.  Detailed programme will be put up shortly.

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Q1: Who is co-ordinating the Alumni portal from the institute?

A: The Alumni committee along with faculty co-ordinators are co-ordinating the services offered by the alumni portal.

Q2: How do I register on to the portal?

A: Fill in the registration form available on the portal. It will be authenticated by the portal administrator. Your primary email-id will be your login id and a system generated password will be sent to the email id. After which you can login and access the entire portal.

Q3: How do I update my postal and email addresses with the Alumni Portal?

A: You can login to the portal and update your information at any time.

Q4: Can I get the contact information of my batch mates or other alumni?

A: You will not get the contact information of other registered alumni, but you can message the alumni if he/she has registered on the portal. With mutual consent you may share your contact information.

Q5: Which sections of the portal can I access without loging in?

A: The News and Events section can be accessed without logging in.

Q6: How can I contribute to the Nostalgia and Photo Gallery section?

A: You can submit content through the portal by logging in from your profile page or by sending an email to

Q7: How is the Featured Alumni selected?

A: You need to send your detailed profile and achievements to Based on a pre-defined criteria the faculty team at IMDR will select the Featured Alumni.

Q8 : Can we start forums on the portal?

A: Depending on the response and participation of the Alumni the feature will be enabled in the next phase / edition of the portal.